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Latest Digital Marketing Trends, A Deep Dive Into Social Commerce!

Latest Digital Marketing Trends, A Deep Dive Into Social Commerce!
Latest Digital Marketing Trends
3 years ago

Social commerce has been the most significant change in the online eCommerce shopping industry in digital marketing trends. Customers are now searching for the easiest, engaging, and most trustworthy shopping experiences that provide maximum value by discovering products to a concluding transaction.

Users can complete their purchase journey seamlessly through social commerce. The evolution of eCommerce to social commerce came into reality as brands discovered a solution that can get brand sales, growth, and success by delivering a valuable customer shopping experience. In this blog, we will discuss every detail regarding social commerce strategies, advantages, and disadvantages. Let’s get started:

What Is Social Commerce In Digital Marketing?

Social commerce is all about selling products and purchasing them while staying within the social media platforms. With social commerce platforms, users can buy a product directly on the social media platform they are engaged in. customers purchase online with minimal information is the buyer’s journey.

Social commerce is one of the best options to promote your product quickly
by highlighting content and product information in a new way. It takes the online purchasing experience to a whole new level.

Why should you start promoting your products through social commerce?

There are many reasons why social commerce is worthy; let’s check them out:

  • 1. Social Commerce Makes Shopping A Social Experience

    People’s love for staying on social media is getting intense. Shopping on social media makes the experience much more interactive than a typical
    eCommerce website.

    As the dwell time of the leading social media platforms keeps increasing, users are now liking to purchase their favorite products easily while staying
    on their favorite social media platforms.

    Social commerce has entered as a breakthrough and turned out exactly what the users and brands needed. Brands now can easily create a storefront on
    social media instead of pushing them into their website.

  • 2. No More Cart Abandonment With An Easy Purchasing Process

    30% of consumers abandon the cart. The website asks them to create their account, and many customers get tired of the complicated checkout process.

    Cart abandonment is the biggest fear in every eCommerce business. However, you can lose the fear of cart abandonment.

  • 3. User-Friendly Features That Will Help You Increase Conversion Rates

    Social commerce platforms are user-friendly and mobile-friendly. They make shopping a social experience by tapping into the user’s social behavior without interrupting their social activities. 90% of social media users access social platforms via smartphones. While they are familiar with social media
    and how to use it, social commerce brings add-on features that enhance the customer experience.

    For example, customers can easily find brands by searching keywords related to the products.

  • 4. Easily Get Discovered By A New Audience

    Social media platforms are the primary source of information for researching brands. The brands grow and observe increasing user engagement on social media.

    Social commerce is the best for promoting brands. Customers love to explore and try new products from different brands on social media.

  • 5. Focuses Directly On The Targeted Audience

    Social commerce platforms enable brands to reach users exactly where they are and eliminate the extra techniques that they acquire to influence users to customize them. In addition, it customizes and lets brands tap into user’s social behavior without any interruption.

    Shoppers are five times more likely to respond to a sale offer via mobile than on a desktop. Social commerce platforms are aimed to work smoothly on mobile phones, so it is easier for brands to reach their desired audience.

Drawbacks Of Social Commerce

Social commerce platforms provide lots of opportunities for vendors. Many of them are expressing their concerns over who owns the customers. The more that social networks take over the purchasing process.

When customers purchase the product on social networks, their information is collected by the specific platform, not the seller. It creates difficulties for sellers to learn more about their customers and offer them a personalized experience.

Many sellers have pointed out that social networks could sell the customer’s data, damaging the customer’s trust in the brand. Sellers will also lose control of the product and it’s pricing.

Social Commerce Platforms:

Now that you learned the pros and cons of social commerce let’s talk about social commerce platforms and their features.

Instagram Store

Instagram business accounts see monthly followers grow organically, making Instagram the perfect social commerce platform for effective brand growth.

Instagram shopping has various features that tap into the users’ social behavior without interrupting their social activities. Brands can quickly turn their business into a shoppable storefront, where users can easily engage with their post and make a purchase by clicking on the specific products.

Brands on Instagram focus more on visuals with shopping features to increase their conversions.

Features Of Instagram Store:

  • Shops

    Business accounts can be used as a shoppable storefront.

  • Product tags

    Brands can use tapeable product tags to display products on posts and stories.

  • Instagram shop

    This is an in-app feature to explore new brands and their products.

  • Live shopping

    This feature allows users to purchase the live stream.

Facebook Store

Facebook is the oldest social media platform. 82% of orders on social media are coming from Facebook. The Facebook shop is an ultimate mobile-friendly social shopping experience. It is user-friendly, so brands can easily create their free storefront in a few easy steps.

It allows you to get a vast catalog of the product categories to choose the suitable one for your business. You can also customize the store so that more people can identify your brand quickly.

The Facebook shop also delivers customer relationship possibilities by allowing users to contact you through Facebook messenger.

Features Of The Facebook Store:

  • Easy brand discovery

    It enables Facebook and Instagram users to discover new brands.

  • Valuable insights

    Provides analytics to read customers’ behavior and improve according to it.

  • Personalized Shop

    You can easily change the colors, fonts, and theme to customize the storefronts.

  • Shopping with Facebook messenger

    Customers can easily connect with your brands through Facebook messenger.

Pinterest Buyable Pins

The Pinterest buyable pins are a feature on Pinterest that can be identified with the price tag and added to the cart button. People love to explore new products when they intend to buy them. So if you are promoting your products on Pinterest, it can help you reach new customers who are more likely to purchase the product you offer.

Pinterest is an inspirational and visual platform where pinners get inspiration for the things they want to do, most importantly, buy them.

Buyable Pinterest Pins Features:

  • Catalog

    Scaled way to upload the data source of the products.

  • Rich pins

    Saved to Pinterest directly from a product page on an advertiser’s website.

  • Product group

    This is the best way to organize and filter product pins.

  • Product promoting

    Smoothly create shopping ads to promote product pins.

  • Optimization and insights

    This feature allows you to measure brand success and improvements.

Marketing strategies are shifting towards using data and analytics to understand users’ social behavior and produce relevant content. User-generated content will get the benefit.

Now that you know everything about the social commerce trend in 2021, you need to create visual content for your brand products and keep engaging with your desired customers.

All product and company names are trademarks™, registered® or copyright© trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

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