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Essential Checklist For Improving B2C Web Design

Essential Checklist For Improving B2C Web Design
Essential Checklist For Improving B2C Web Design
3 years ago

One of the essential industries our web designers focus on is custom web design services for B2C businesses. Our web design company has worked with business-to-customer companies of different sizes and shapes across many industries with years of experience in hand-crafting unique B2C web designs.

Web design company specializes in eCommerce website design for B2C companies. We use our knowledge and understanding while having confidence in the following B2C web design best practices.

Let’s Learn More About How You Can Improve Your B2C Web Design:

Try To Keep Your Web Design Simple

If you want your website visitors to understand your website content:

  • 1. Make it easy for them to consume it.
    2. Try to keep your design simple without distractions.
    3. Making it simple will quickly help users to take desired actions and get you conversions.

Avoid adding unnecessary design features. If it does not serve a specific purpose, do not use it. Here are the few steps that will simplify your B2C web design:

  • Graphics

    Add graphics only if they serve a purpose, perform a specific function, or help website visitors complete a task. Using unnecessary graphics adds confusion to your site and slows down page load time, decreasing your website rankings on SERP.

  • Fonts

    When choosing the right font, focus on readability. Use simple fonts and colors that contrast with the background.

  • Color

    Choose five different colors or less than five. Using too many colors can overwhelm visitors and turn your website into ugliness.

Optimizing Performance And Navigation

When customers come to your website and get upset because of the slow loading speed, you lose your potential customers. Also, if your website is loading fast but does not have a proper navigation setup, your website will lead to high bounce rates and inadequate revenue.

The same problem will be more critical in mobile phones. Most customers browse their desired things while multitasking, which means they want to take action quickly.

It is essential to make your website load fast and provide the best online shopping experience. In addition, it will help users to remember your website and keep purchasing your products regularly.

Using caching tools, you can deliver fast-loading media and images that will encourage your visitors to take the desired action and spend more time on your website scrolling through other products.

Here are the few most common mistakes that make your website loads slowly and how to improve them:

  • Codes

    To make your website load faster, you will need to minify JavaScript and CSS codes. You can hire a web designer to do it or purchase the premium tools to do that for you when needed.

  • Fonts

    Try to use simple fonts that make your website looks clean and readable. Highlight the title and necessary words with bold fonts. Try to use system fonts so it will not take much time to load like the third-party fonts.

  • Images

    In B2C websites, pictures and videos play an essential role to convert your site visitors into purchasing customers. So to provide them with the best shopping experience, you will need to compress the high-quality images and upload them on your web page so they will load fast when users are willing to view product images. You can visit the Tiny.png website to compress a picture online.

Provide Easy Sharing With Social Media Links

Suppose your website offers a product preview, images, size charts, and a description of the product or service you are selling. In that case, you need to encourage your customers to share their favorite products with their friends and families using the social media sharing button. It will help grow your conversions.

Adding different social sharing buttons will help your customers share their favorite platform and get more traffic to your website organically.

Provide Quick And Reliable Customer Service

If the customer wants to buy anything online or faces any issue while purchasing, the customer service feature can help users complete the process without hesitation.

Provide Quick And Reliable Customer Service

You can use a chatbot to talk directly to users, solve their issues, or provide specific buttons such as WhatsApp, Skype, etc.

You can provide a customer service number too so customers can directly call and get their problem solved. In addition, it can help you build customer trust.

Offer A Guest Checkout Option To Decrease Cart Abandonment

Some customers appreciate personalization options like logging in to a user’s account. This account makes it easy for customers to see their order history, add their favorite products to their Wishlist, get order receipts, etc.

Most of the customers are in a hurry when they are making a purchase, so to provide a unique experience, you can place an option where they can easily purchase with minimum information and an easy checkout process.

Make sure your website does not have a long and complicated checkout process. Many customers will leave your website without making a purchase, so to stop that, you can provide the guest checkout option, which will help customers not to create their account on your website. In addition, the easy payment process will allow customers to get a fast shopping experience.

Add Newsletter Signup Form To Generate Customer’s List

Adding a newsletter form on your website helps you generate a list of the customers that are already interested in your products or services. It can help you scale up your sales by offering a special discount coupon on specific products. It will get you more deals, and you can also promote upcoming products by email and create awareness about it.

Clear Call-To-Action Button

The call-to-action design should inspire action and provide a clear indication of what will happen next. Providing the right move at the right time can help scale up the conversion.

A call-to-action button should be visible and should grab the customer’s attention.

There are various features one can use as their business needs. Some of them apply to each business. To learn more about how you can create your business website, contact us and ask your needs. Our dedicated team is always ready to serve the best.

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